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by Tara Vallin , November 20th, 2017
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Description: Hi my name is Tara Vallin and I am the sole owner of We Have it Handled Corp. We take practical ideas and turn them into functional solutions. In 2013 my father invented a handle with two re-attachable and adjustable straps which literally allows one to Add-a-Handle to a variety of objects having a static weight of up to 30lbs. Fittingly we now call it Add-a-Handle. He, like so many for all different reasons, had a hard time holding objects be it a quart size paint can, a juice bottle or a tumbler for long periods of time. We later found out it was from Raynaud’s Syndrome, a circulatory conditions that causes severe hand cramping, numbness and discoloration. It’s been a long road but since then I have redesigned it making it more versatile as well as easier to use with our custom Easy Pull tab Velcro straps. It is proudly manufactured and assembled, by veterans and stay at home moms, in our own county of Rockland County, NY. We currently sell on Amazon and at and were featured on the Today Show and the Family Handyman magazine. The 10,000 would help us with our marketing campaign as we are entering retail stores. This is just our first product and with your help we can bring many more to be manufactured in NY as well!

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