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backpack kids, inc.

by Rosa Velez , November 20th, 2017
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Description: Backpack Kids is a childcare alternative for the modern parent or millennial parent. We want to Free Up their time! Time is of the essence here in New York City. We want to impact the quality of life for city parent's and give them that boost they need to succeed in their homes and in their professions. Our other mission is to Prep their preschoolers for their next big step; SCHOOL! So, we bring educational play dates to the homes of parents. Our goal is to educate and enrich children's lives in their early years. In our two to three hour educational Play Dates we engage our children in activity that encourages learning (colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers, language, patterns, etc;) and use resources from our very own library. Our library has over 200 tools but we need so much more and need training from certified educators.

Jessica Chan Voted for you! Hope you get it! 11/27/2017

Rosa Velez Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you!!! Everyone of you rock for doing this for a friend 11/27/2017