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by MICHAEL PARIS , November 20th, 2017
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Description: My name is Michael Paris(aka MikelParis) and I'm a musician and filmmaker. Every since I was a kid, I was an explorer. As soon as my homework and practicing were finished, I was out in the woods behind my house looking for a new place or a new rock to turn over. As of late, I found myself touring to a city and not leaving the venue grounds. One day I thought to myself.."Where'd my explorer nature go?". So I tried to think of a way to motivate me out of the hotel...and TuneTrek was born. Let me combine all of the things I love. Travel. History. Music. People. 54 episodes in and it's still evolving and growing. I had 6 episodes air on PBS WOSU and 1 on PBS MPBN. I did all of the work for those 7 episodes. Airing on PBS was validating to me that perhaps I was on to something. A style of educating not only the youth but the adults as well. I have people tell after watching an episode that they had no idea that that place existed in their town. And that they cant' get the song out of their head. I'd found a way to have people hear my music in a format I never imagined. And surrounding all of these episodes are companion products such as "Songs of TuneTrek" albums, Iconic framed photos, Tee-shirts, mugs, water bottles, artist designed necklaces and coaster. I'll also be doing TuneTrek tours where I'll do a fundraiser at the local PBS station, visit a school, perform an all ages multimedia concert and of course film. Thank you. MP

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